Cookie and Privacy Policy

Cookie and Privacy Policy, EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR)

This cookie and privacy policy has been updated in May 2021 to comply with the new Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

1.0 Owner Information and Data Manager.
2.0 Cookie policy
2.1 What are cookies?
2. 2 The purpose of cookies on our website.
2.3 We use the following cookies.
2.4 Ad Network.
3.0 Personal Information / Privacy Policy.
3.1 Personal Information
3.2 Location data
3.3 Processing of personal data.
3.4 The right to be forgotten.
3.5 Exceptions for deletion of information.
3.6 Insights into personal data.
3.7 You may appeal to the Data Inspectorate.
3.8 Automagical ApS as a data processor.
4.0. Cookie and privacy policy update

1.0. Owner Information and Data Manager
Automagical ApS CVR: 40292101 Lunavej 4 8600 Silkeborg E-mail: contact @ automagical .dk Contact person: Morten Bitsch

2.0 Cookie policy

2.1. What are cookies? A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other device in order to recognize it. Our cookies do not contain personal data. A cookie cannot contain viruses.

2.2 . The purpose of cookies on our website.  To ensure the technical functionality so that we can remember your settings.  Visitor Analysis, to analyze how many visitors we have, and where visitors come from. The site uses cookies from a following third party that has access to the cookies in question: See a list of third party cookies here:

2.3 . We use the following cookies Google Analytics Google Analytics is used to compile visitor statistics, such as how many people have visited our site, what type of technology they use (eg Mac or Windows, how long they spend on the site, what page they are watching, etc. This helps us to continuously improve our website. These so-called ” analytics ” programs can also tell us how people reached this site (eg from a search engine ).

2.5. ad Network This webpage does not use ad networks at this time.

3.0. Personal Information / Privacy Policy

3.1. personal data In connection with your creation as a customer at Automagical ApS, you will be required to provide a number of personal information: • Your name • Company Name • Your e-mail address • Your address • Your phone number • CVR number (company number) We treat these personal information in order to provide you with support, the processing of your purchase, and to both you and we comply with the Bookkeeping Act, and to comply with the Marketing Act.

3.2 In our app’s we will ask for permission to track the users location. This serves to be able to to show the user himself his GPS location inside of the event hall-map which is overlayed on Google maps. We may also ask for permission to save this data to provide location based suggestions to the user and to give the event organizer valuable information about which sections of the event hall has been visited the most (anonymized data only).

3.3. Processing of personal data Order details in 3plDashboard Information we process in this group: All information relating to orders going through 3plDashboard, that being (but not limited to): Name, address, phone number, order items

3.4. The right to be forgotten According to the EU Personal Data Regulation, you have the right to be forgotten

3.5. Exceptions for deletion of information. According to section 10 of the Bookkeeping Act, we must keep invoices for 5 years from the end of the financial year to which the material relates. The material is stored in the accounting program as we have a data processing agreement with and all information is on a server within the EU.

3.6. Insights into personal data
You are entitled at any time to gain insight into the information we have about you. This is done by contacting contact @ . You have the right to change the information at any time if it is incorrect information we have about you. This is done by contacting contact @ You have the right, on your occasion, to have your personal data transferred in a legible format. You are entitled to object to our processing of your personal information. This is done by contacting contact @ You may revoke the consent you have given us to process your information at any time. This is done by contacting contact @

3.7. You can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. If you wish to complain about Inzerted Limited’s processing of your personal information, please contact Information Commissioner’s Office.

3.8. Automagical ApS as a data processor. If your company has an application with Automagical ApS, we are the data processor for the personal data you treat yourself, including stored data at Automagical ApS. We note that we are not responsible for 3rd party plugins that can collect personal data from users of your app or website . examples of third party plugins: • Facebook Plugin • ECommerce plugin • Open Table Plugin • Twitter Plugin • Instagram Plugin • Google Forms Plugin • Google Docs Plugin • Google Sheets Plugin • Type Form Plugin

4.0. Cookie and privacy policy update Changes to the personal data policy. In case of significant changes to the Personal Data Policy, we will notify you by using visible messages on our website. Last updated This cookie and privacy policy was updated on 18th May 2021